QA Services

A complete QA package with options that are custom fit for you

Reach your QA goals with our services using an agile process

Our objective quality assurance and testing process will enhance your team and improve development efficiency with our testing execution which effectively improves quality and reduces defects before production release, resulting in significant savings for you.

Process Alignment

We provide complete transparency of our software testing activities and seamlessly integrate with your business and development processes for full testing alignment.

Follow the Sun

Our complete QA services, from manual regression testing to automated testing suites are executed while your development team rests at night to identify defects before you rise and shine

Complete Coverage

In our complete QA lifecycle, we conduct testing across all aspects from functional, regression, performance, API, compatibility, and others as needed to ensure optimized test coverage.

Our Service Offerings

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QA Consulting

We follow an established process to provide a comprehensive coverage of software testing workflows and offer viable changes to improve results.

1. Discovery
Involve key stakeholders and analyze current QA process, workflows, and methodology. Identify areas of process improvements, metrics, KPIs, and results.

2. Strategy
Decide on the updates to the QA process, workflows and methodology. Identify the testing tools that fit best for achieving the objectives. Finalize the roadmap.

3. Planning
Set up goals and assign responsibilities to members of the team. Measure the key metrics and KPIs. Layout the timeline and milestones for the team deliverables.

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Managed Testing

Helping assure high-class software quality to meet your business needs faster at a reasonable cost, we provide:

1. Reduce Cost
Decreased cost of ownership for your QA team. Reduced cost for QA infrastructure.

2. Managed Deliverables Process
Agile process designed to fit your needs with the right deliverables at high quality

3. Top-Tier Skill Set
Updated skill set and experience with access to the right QA tools and technologies

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Test Automation

Combining best practices and emerging technology such as AI and ML we build automation to your QA

Save effort and time on high-volume testing activities

Enhance the breadth of in-house testing capabilities without hiring extra human resources

Eliminate human error in high-risk QA processes

Spot errors and malfunctions in the released software as soon as they occur

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Continuous Testing

Continuous testing by our team can help you speed up innovation cycles and increase your user retention with fast-paced releases of new features.

Accelerate software delivery with non-stop feedback from testing processes

Set up reliable, predictable development and testing workflows

Integrate test automation and functional monitoring seamlessly into the testing pipeline

Save time on testing and reduce operational costs

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Extended QA Team

For over 17+ years, we have been delivering qualified QA services to our clients worldwide. We build an optimal dedicated team to meet your business needs while ensuring top-of-the-range software quality.

1. Rapid Start
Short ramp-up time with the right QA candidates on the team. You can interview candidates if needed.

2. Seamless Integration
Team task prioritization and efficiency optimization. Included resource management as part of team. Business and technology Integration with your environment.

3. Team Scalability
Access to a wide range of QA professionals and specialists with needed technology skills and industry-centric expertise. Managed growth with team upscaling and downscaling on demand.

4. Process Maturity
Adaptable in using your testing methodologies and processes which can be customized based on ongoing review and feedback. Adherence to best practices and incorporating industry standards

Full Cycle Testing

With constant change to applications, we help you stay on track and deliver to your QA goals by focusing on the appropriate testing in your agile environment. Our primary focus is on your priorities, in setting up and conducting full cycle testing based on our expertise, coverage and methodology.


Flexibility and Adaptability

We are nimble and flexible in making quick changes to the testing schedule based on your changing needs


Continuous Improvement

Our light weight process is designed to deliver good quality on time with feedback loop to make it better


Team Alignment

We consider ourselves to be part of your team and see our work from your perspective toward common goals


We Are Passionate

Our team is committed to testing and is innovative and passionate about finding defects to improve the quality of the product for our customers

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